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How I Prepared Neil for His 3rd Assessment

Neil is still in daycare but they have been studying the basics, it’s not all play time for them. So when his teacher informed me about his upcoming third assessment, I knew I have to spend some time with him to review the stuff he learned in the past few months.


They’re using a workbook with all quick references to letters of the alphabet and pictures that start with the subject letter. I reviewed the contents of the workbook to him and used the educational poster that we bought from the Big Bad Wolf Sale to refresh his memory about these letters.


I used the same review materials (workbook + poster). I’ve also used YouTube videos as it help in entertaining him while he’s reviewing numbers 1-20. The assessment will only cover numbers from 1 to 10.


They worked on tracing exercises in the workbook, so I’ve introduced him to additional quick tracing worksheets. I just asked him to use crayons instead of pencil to complete these writing exercises just like how they do it in class.


Thanks to picture and storytelling books, I get to review my little guy when it comes to reading. I also injected quick Q&A’s in-between pages to check on his understanding and comprehension of the written text.

Basic Colors and Shapes

He has learned basic colors before he even memorized the first few letters in the alphabet so I just did a bit of question and answer session with him. I used a combination of Q&A and few selected YouTube videos to help him remember the basic shapes.

No Pressure

Since this is just his first time learning things in a classroom setting, I remind myself to always listen and be more understanding. He can be ‘makulit‘ at times but I am thankful that he shows signs of curiosity which I believe is just normal for a preschooler. There’s no pressure for him to achieve a perfect score. I believe that I’ll be that kind of parent in the years to come. I believe that learning should be fun, thus no pressure should be given to a person learning new things.

How about you? How do you prepare your kids when assessment is due in a few days? Please share in the comment section how you do it plus tips that work for you and your kids. I’d really appreciate it.

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